Saturday, August 23, 2008

فأنا مكاتل مكاتل مكاتل

so i was initially trying to write this whole post in arabic and obviously failed :)

question: what's with army people and the letter ق ?
i mean it's really hilarious when a guy starts shouting and making himself look as tough as scary as hell so you'd be disciplined fel tabour and then he instructs on you how to yell صاعكاااااا. Yes my dear friends سيادة النكيب mabye3rafsh ye2ol ق.

olt estha ... maho kan esmo tamer bardo. but then i was surberized to see that this thing was an infection they all had! 7assool (حاصول محمد) who was the small-ranked guy in charge of our little 'platoon' started working us through el taboor ... yemeen dorr ... shemaal dorr ... salam lel amaam ... and the best of all, mo3tadal 7'atwa tanzeem!

this is basically us banging our feet to the ground as if we're marching but while staying in place, and singing behind حاصول:
من دمي
رصاصا و كنابل
بطل ضحك يا كابتن يابو كاب انتا
و لو خيروني
بين الخلود و الفدا
فأنا مكاتل مكاتل مكاتل
يا كابتن لو شفتك بتدحك تاني حاطلعك تغنيها لوحدك في نص الطابور

sa3kaaaaaaa :D


Amy said...

this completely blew me away!!! :D

ma3lesh... mahom elly beye3rafo ye2olooha mato fel 7arb, w dool elly fadleen :p
yulla, at least its over!


haijekov said...

lol it sure was an experience :)