Monday, August 18, 2008

Counting Down

I'm counting down the days till:
  • tarbeya 3askareyya is over
  • till i can get a job
  • till i could finally know my status with the army
  • till i feel good again
  • till i hit the road again
  • till i hit the water again
  • till i look up and see the sun rays playing with the water surface above me
  • till i can sleep on the sand watching the stars above me and hearing nothing but tiny waves breaking on the shore next to me
  • till i can look beside me and find something pleasant to look at
  • till i can actually grasp the things i need to grasp and take my photography one step further
  • till i have my name where it can be looked up at
  • till i can actually sleep

feeling: in a deep state of longing
Listening to: Portishead

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