Sunday, August 10, 2008


One of the best and yet least appreciated athletic teams in Egypt is for sure our handball team. However, there's a reason people don't give them that much attention anymore. Their form just keeps fluctuating, one year they are GREAT, the next they are unbearably disappointing. Actually it's more like a game-to-game thing, one game they rock, the other you wonder where did all the spirit go.
Today those guys played like heros! Despite some refereeing i could go as far as to call 'unfair', and despite being outnumbered for most of the second half inwhich they started behind, they settled for a draw against Denmark, the champions of Europe. And i say settled because they could and would've won if it weren't for some bizarre decisions by the referee in the last 5 minutes of the game causing them to play with one less player for the final minutes of the game, which they started behind, but managed to keep their act together and actually take the lead before the danes got a draw in the very end.
Seriously if they could keep that form, i could expect a medal.


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