Thursday, January 31, 2008

I picked the onion

yesterday was yet another day of not-so-nice revelations.
I rediscovered for the zillionth time that i had picked the onion ...
and rediscovered that i shouldn't place myself in certain positions in people's lives. I'm higher than to do that myself ...
you know my name ... you know my number ... i should not be interested more than that in trying if you people are not even giving it a shot.
as for you ayat, i started it off with you ... and i now certainly know where we're headed and how this is all destined to be. all i can say is ... i'd be a total fool to make the same mistake a zillion times in a row ... or wait ... i already did that. So, in rephrasing my terms, i'd be more of a fool to do this again :).

today marks a new page, and a start of a new chapter in my life.

i'm thankful i cleaned out my closet yesterday :)

Song of the week: Pink Floyd ~ Comfortably Numb (the version from PULSE)

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