Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Every civilization has inventions that mark them ... that are only theirs ... driven by their own traditions and lifestyle ... need is the mother of inventions (literal translation of el 7aaga omm el e7'teraa3) ... and all ... anyways.
The asians have their chopsticks out of how much bamboo they have lying around ... they made their houses from paper and light wood so it doesn't hurt them each time they fall in an earthquake ... the arctic people live in igloos while some tribes in Africa have houses that are built of shit! it's what you have around you that drives your creativity ...
and with that thought in mind ... i wonder ... how are we the only people on this planet to invent the shattaafa??!! (we don't just wipe, we wash :) could it actually be that this invention of a small water tube inside your toilet that brings water right to your @$$ to wash it is purely Egyptian??!!!
i don't care about how the inspiration came from and how the R&D was made for it (only hawarey will pro'lly understand what i mean by this) as long as we have an invention in our name ...
i'm proud of my Egyptian nation ... the nation of the SHATTAAFA!!!!

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