Sunday, January 27, 2008

Grown Up?!

If you've known me quite well so far, you'll probably know that one of my major problems is life is with growing up. Some people say i'm mature, some people (including myself) think i'm just a kid that's so stuck in his childhood and will never go anywhere.
Problem is, the way life goes as a person grows up forces him into more and more situations in which he has to act like a mature person ... and those are the particular times that i hate. But when it came today ... i didn't just hate it, it struck me when i contemplated the actions of other 'grown ups' around me in the situation ...
There's no such thing as a grown up!!!!
Maturity does not exist!!!
Human Logic is a myth!!!
HURRAY!!! i shouldn't be mad at myself for not growing past where i am! if those people are that old and doing this then maybe i am at the top of the freakin pyramid already!
there's only being smart and being dumb ... being knowledgeable and being ignorant ... that's what it's all about!
if not then well ... my God this world is such a weird place!

dedicated to all of you!

Track of the day: Nine Inch Nails ~ Just Like You Imagined
tip: don't listen to it with low volume! and just try to dissolve in it and you'll be fine

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Mona said...

yes my dear. you got it right!
but understanding this brings with it a great deal of clarity, that doesn't necessarily make you feel great about the world. that's why they say ignorance is bliss!
in any case, i'm glad you've decided to quit beating yourself up over the whole maturity thing. cause really it just depends on how you choose to see it.