Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fcuked Up Creativity

I'm still high on my muse rush and i just can't get enough of it ... these folks are so creative in their music it's awesome ... and then i focused more on the lyrics ... darn that's fucked up ... when it finally suddenly struck me ... that's probably why it's like that , cause these guys are fucked up bigtime!! and it's actually something i love ... we get out best out of us when we're totally screwed up ... the trick is how to let it out ;)
peace out ....
oh and happy 3amm valankayne


Sou said...

YES!! The lyrics are...well, "different"...good stuff :)

And erm, happy "valankayne" to you too :p

Jayda said...

Muse are good!! Good to know there are more out there who are obsessed!