Tuesday, February 13, 2007

the aftermath

I logged on with the intention to write about something .... now i can't remember it anymore. Anywayz this post here is actually inspired by malak's comment on my last post.

See you were surprised i had a subject i could flunk again at hand and yet i was happy with my new pants ... well i have only one reply to you, it's a fair result of five years in a place like Handasa Ein Shams. which will make me talk more about my college experience.

Handasa rocks as a place, probably rocks too science and material-wise (as the matterial we take), despite the constant wondering you find yourself in on how the hell is that shit relevant to anything i'm ever gonna do in life?! and the funny part is .. most of the people teaching you there will tell u it's useless. which drives us to staff ... i can say that the only good staff people in this place that i've met can be counted on one hand's fingers. the rest have no job in the world except to do their time in the sections or lectures (well that's exactly how they feel and make us feel as well) like it's some sort of prison, and maybe yetalla3o 7abbet 7ekd tabaky 3aleeky bel marra... so (at least in my case) i never felt i was actually benefitting, and at the times when i finally found anything interesting it was accompanied by some companion of the staff whose only job was to make my life harder in liking it like it is in every masla7a 7okomeyya fel balad dy ... our usual routine of this is the most capable computer in the world, 7aneshra7loko mel manual ezzay yeshta3'al bass ma7addesh yelmesso 3ashan da 3ohda ... or to be more honest in handasa's case, u find the guy going in, vomiting the words out and not caring if u understand or not and then giving you a small paper with 'el mofeed' elly 7atetse2el feeh... it's like sanaweyya 3amma all over again ... only that this time u're divided between doctors and mo3edeen ... and in some cases both explain different things.

i always get the same grades despite how hard i study and how good i feel i did in the exams ... which i find really wierd. and the only year i passed without flunking any subjects was first year mechanical, which i gave away to join electrical from the start cause i was interested in computers, at least before they made sure i can't stand their guts.

anyhow, i just hope it gets better soon for those who're joining later, i heard that little private sector that just opened might be a catalyst to that.

out for now
<--- el shobbaak elly probably 7ante7er menno fel kolleyyya

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Deeeeeee said...

Cheer up, you've only been there 5 years! My best friend is 5 years older than me and he's now.. dof3eti! :)