Sunday, February 11, 2007


i get that line from life every once in a while ... it's a constant reminder of my usual technique of getting past problems and hardships ... and it's the worst of them all, just to dodge. The problem with it is that it piles up. u dodge this and dodge that, run away from this and run away from that ... then one of them just strikes you in the nose!
like suddenly i discovered that i have an exam in 2 days, a subject that i hate (that's pro'lly why i flunked it last year) and seriously i can't study shit in this bitch! ... i went to study and stayed for hours there and didn't accomplish anything ... and now my test in 30 hours away ... and still i'm standing ... motionless ... feeling like an ostriche burying its head in the sand ... and i hate it ... and better still, i know it, and i've been there many times before, and i know i dread it after every single time, and still, with all these thoughts in my head i'm still doing it.
3azama 3ala 3azama!

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