Saturday, March 28, 2009

So i still try to keep my weekly habit

In bullets to keep Sara teased :P. Here's how my week was:
  • I started German for a few days then a bit busy and started going slower... hopefully i'll start catching up again soon. And Pupette it's because i got busy not because it's a shitty language :) i'm not gonna give up just yet
  • I fell in love 4 times in 4 days, with the same person
  • i caught up with a few old friends early in the week, felt awesome ... i miss old days sometimes
  • I got another translation task i'm currently working on. Totally ignites my fears of getting old! The authors just love repeating how lonely it gets 5 times a page. Seriously i could just copy paste them to both the word doc and my BRAIN!!!!!
  • the other day it was seriously hitting me when Sia's song playground started playing
    "I don't wanna grow old
    Give me all the toys you can find"
    Man that cracked me up!!! :D
  • My childhood friend got MARRIED yesterday afternoon!!!!! I'm both in shock and totally happy for him. I'm also moved he chose me to take their wedding photo! i love the pics... Mo, i'm proud of you like you can never imagine! and that was the most chilled out wedding i've ever been to. 
  • Yesterday reminded me i need to start going on photoshoots more often
  • I'm still angry at my car and don't intend to fix it. I'll leave it suffer (and yes i'll know it'll backfire right in my face)
  • I need to get back to work cause i'm behind schedule, so that's enough for your weekly update.

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Sara said...

well if you're taking me anywhere I would rather we use my car :D :P