Thursday, March 19, 2009

End of the week

This week was full of changes which is good.... umm well not all of them :)

I rode a toktok for the first time in my life!!!! it felt like it's gonna roll over like 5 times a minute. But i'm sure it's so much fun to drive. hey maybe i should try do that!

My dell officially died 2 nights ago ... and i'm still searching for a way to get a new one from the states. can't find the specs i want here, and when i do they're like a thousand pounds more expensive than there.

I went jamming last friday. finally broke my 2 year drumming-less streak

Played monopoly for the first time in years!

I like the voice of that guy from the band Hinder. But i can't seem to find any catchy song with lyrics that get to me. I need good music

I wanna start that RAGE project ... feels nice to scream in a mic :)

I think i'm starting to be totally hooked on portraiture. The last 3 shoots i enjoyed were all shooting people. and i have to say the last one was very satisfactory!!

I miss my girlfriend like hell

anything else??

1 comment:

Sara said...

You stole my bullets
and my fragment sentences (And thoughts)

where do you post your pictures? I need to feature!