Sunday, February 15, 2009

this is not envy,

it's pure self resentment.
It just sucks to be reminded of everything you want, everything you're working hard for, and how lots of people around you are just getting it sometimes without working at all.
Makes you hate life completely when it sets even the smallest extra obstacles in your course.
Again, this is not envy


Sara said...

Sounds like disappointment to me!
I think it's about time for you to change your "about me"section. You are turning 24 this summer.

Brownie said...

it is not envy, it is more like self-pity coz u r not wishing that they lose what they have, right?!

Ma 3lina said...

It may sound Cliche but the taste of accomplishing things is more rewarding than achieving a thing u want and for those who huv stuff without effort lacks that feeling !!

Yeah Wise me ;))