Sunday, February 8, 2009

On Brides and Weddings

It hit me while i was going through all the pictures on my hardrive. Lots of events and lots of weddings (no i'm still not planning to be a wedding photographer but a favor for a friend can be an exception). moving on, in all those pictures i noticed one common thing.
Why do brides (especially veiled ones) wear THAT much makeup? I mean i couldn't recognize them later if i see them on the streets. The other day i was watching pictures on facebook of one of my friends' engagement, i used to go to school AND college with his fiancee, yet it took me ages to figure out it was actually HER!!
Do girls have to look like fake plastic trees in their wedding? i mean i don't mind being next to a cactus on my wedding night as long as it looks natural!


grey said...

i totally agree.

Florida beach weddings said...

The reason women wear so much makeup at a wedding is this:
They believe they will not show up in a picture if they don't.
This myth has been continued by wedding coordinators around the world. Most women do wear makeup and this is an excuse to go overboard. Most of my brides get their makeup done at a salon (another evil makeup haven) and some of them have turned out scary. My advice to any bride is this, be light handed. You want your friend, family and especially the groom to recognize you.

Brownie said...

have u ever seen a dark-skin brides? it much more worse.
in my sister's wedding, we worked on convincing the make up artist that her color is just find and she does not have to look like casper to be prettier.
the whiter u r, the prettier

haijekov said...

thank you fair and lovely :D

Brownie said...

exactly :)