Friday, February 13, 2009

On Fox Series

I've been lately addicted to this channel Fox Series. I'm completely hooked on Nip/Tuck and Boston Legal.

But just a little question for all those addicts out there: Why the hell is it that there's no time or chance for anything in their ads???

kamaan 7'omsomeet sana ... mafesh wa2t lel nagaah ... wala forsa lmesh 3aref eh!!!

Mafeesh wa2t lel feraar.. . wala forsa lel mesh 3aref eh ... bass enta bass 3andak wa2t tetfarrag 3la mesh 3aref meen ...

all the ads say the same thing!!!!!

ooh wen makansh 3andak wa2t wala forsa, the simpsons are running three hours non stop on thursdays and fridays :D

1 comment:

Ma 3lina said...


Yea their ads are hilarious as if it was in English and they translated to Arabic in a bad way..

wala e3lan bet3 Kyle Xy b2a mashkeraaaaaaaaa