Wednesday, March 5, 2008


This blog apparently puts me in awkward situations. People i personally know read it, and then question me why i write what i write, why i think what i think, and all that.
The point of this blog to me however, is to get out whatever bugs me, whatever silly insecurity i have in me, whatever complaints i might have of myself of the world of any fucking thing... whether it makes sense or not... it's my venting place!!
i write stuff when i'm angry ... i write stuff when i'm broken ... i write stuff whenever i feel anything wrong. i'm not obliged to correct that later when i feel better ... i'm writing for me more than it is for anyone else! because seriously, if i act upon what i feel when i feel it, i'll be the world's greatest criminal. So if you personally know me and think i'm too impulsive then freakin watch out!

Anyways, to cut the crap short, i'm leaving this blog and finding myself another outlet. Don't bother to ask about it if you personally know me :)


p.s. the music list is still on however.

song of the day: Massive Attack ~ Angel


Xero said...

hehe ... this is the deadliest mistake in blogging .. i learned it after jumping between 3 blogs with the last one being so dear to me ,but whatever freedom u get from the blog u lose it by telling ppl u personally know about it ... so u'll have to leave and create another one ...fortunately i've avoided that mistake this time... good luck with ur new outlet

haijekov said...

done :)

and it's the third time too :D

cheers mate

Professor Howdy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ran said...

you're kiddin' me !!!!
what the hell am i supposed to read now :'(
tell me where is ir third blog tayeb we msh 7a2ool le 7ad wene3ma lol
tell me begad !!!

insomniac said...

hehe... tab i didn't tell people, only my sister... people followed me from her blog!!!

i like my identity way too much to change it for the sake of hiding... which makes me sure that witness protection program would never work for people like me

good luck... u can post something for the real-life public here every now and then :)

haijekov said...

whew ... shwayya w 7atekne3oony en my blog made sense :D

thanks Ran, Insomniac :)

!!? said...

It was sincere and thats enough for most!

Will miss reading you ramble...

Anonymous said...

I know this post is directed at me... I'm sorry my reactions make you feel judged. You shouldn't have to find a new outlet... I know the harm is already done but I'm deleting your blog address from my bookmark regardless. Also I will make sure not to share my own thoughts or feelings with you either since they tend to solicit a visceral reaction.

haijekov said...

Dear anonymous,
a name would be nice, and rest assured that this post is not directed to one person ... in face they are three :)

wow this blog switching thing is apparently turning into a big deal :D
never thought i'd ever recieve that many comments on one post :|

Ran said...

you're just underestimating urself ;)

Mazen Mason said...

"World's greatest criminal..."

WOW...boy!!! that's deep..I mean don't you wanna be like that?

Anyway, Bon Chance with your next 'outlet'.

Bongo said...

Honestly , and regarding that it's my first time here , i disagree with you ..

you made this blog for yourself as you said in the first place ,

so , you needn't delete it or search for a new outlet for somebody's else opinion ..

i mean , Your Blog .. Your Rules !

doing this you've announced your failure in achieving your blog's goal - which is sayin what you want whatever you are feeling when you want to - and letting those people who knows you achieve what they want ,

and that's not right ..

you must put your rules and stick to them , no matter what people think about it

it's your thoughts ,

so you must say them out loud and Also reveal your real self .

well , that's my opinion .

i know that may be you won't be changing your opinion now , but i thought i would tell you that anyway ..

hope u think about it again .

haijekov said...

My dear Bongo...
You totally have a great point here actually. But I hope things were just as simple as that. If it's just easy to tell people things or give your opinions relating them right in their face then noone would've needed to write in the first place.
Sometimes you need to tell your story with no complications attached ... tell your side of things without raising arguments from people on the other side of the same story if you know what i mean... and that's exactly what i need.
A place where i can just tell it to people who are totally not part of it. A place where it doesn't matter if it's fiction or reality ...
Again i totally agree with you that honesty is the key ... you just sometimes need to rid it from the hell of its consequences :)

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Arima said...

Seems we're in the same predicament, I took your advice and have created anew one :

Perhaps you'll tell me where you are disappearing to and I can folllow you there...I promise I don't know you personally

Om Elmaryala Ko7ly said...

r u gonna let the strangers know where ur outlet is, or not :Y ?

u can always comment once with ur new account and i will find my way ;)

Will E. said...

You're lucky, people who personally know me don't really take that much interest in what I haev to say on my blog.. If you're weird long enough, people ignore you.

Also funny thing that some people seek this kind of personal interest and never find it.. and others escape it..