Monday, March 3, 2008

Safe Mode

You look back and decide you've been a total jerk... you decide you'll carry out a major change ... you'll be Mr. Nice more often, you'll be responsible and do what you have to do ... you'll even work hard in college and take the whole grad project upon your shoulder ...
you get so carried away with this mood that you fall for the same old teen mistake of ("this could never happen to me") and you get screwed by other people who did absolutely nothing but steal your work, and you get no credit at all.
You thank God for that unpleasant experience and for how it came at such an early stage so that it can be recovered in other tasks later (and since you're the one who invented everything all the sequels are bound to only you. So the ball is still, and mostly will be, in my court.
The problem is that you're just too straight forward. You hate ta7weer w waga3 el demaa3' especially when you deal with people, and even more specially when they're just strangers not friends, and even more than more specially when they're so acting nice and being friendly for no apparent reason. I call those shabab el maskaat w ard el nefaaq cause each time you get into the nice mode with them you find them sticking a pole up your ass ... nicely!
I just can't fake liking something i resent ... my friends hate me cause i can't pretend not to be mad when i am... strangers who give off the wrong first impression never end up knowing me because of all the "WTF" looks i give and can't hold back when they're around, so now i have to come up with some plan for this project to work... have to create some sort of safe mode that gets me my credit by being an undercover jerk ... haijerkov :D
wish me luck ;) and watch out from me!!!

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insomniac said...

i am not good with hiding my disliking of others... my sisters says i show it on purpose at time and add the rude flare as well :)

somehow some people keep asking for more of that!!!

you can be rude and angry all you want, just try to do it without offending people... u know, NICELY :)