Monday, December 10, 2007


So it's been a week since i wrote anything. It's not because there hasn't been anything to write, it's actually been a really intense week. but for some reason i just entered one of those anti-writing phases... you know when you just sit there with the composer open yet you just don't feel like it??

I can say the best thing that happened this week was Friday. I discovered i had something like 5 obligations set up for the same time ... when i found that to be too frustrating, i ditched them all, took a friend and traveled out of town. Those were the best 24 hours i spent in a long time.
The best thing about it is how enlightening it was ... it's good to have a clear head to be able to think out of all the noise (virtual and real) that there is in Cairo. No pressures ... No people ... Not a single human being in a mile's radius that you don't agree on. That was awesome!

I admit it didn't settle anything from all my issues, or solve any of my problems, after all i still have 5 procrastinated things i have to make up in return, but still, a good time to chill and ignore the whole world is priceless ...

i hate my writing

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