Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cold but I Love it

Today i can finally admit that it's getting cold in here ... i finally have those chills and shivers .... i'm even typing as fast as i can to get under the covers :) ... and i'm thanking GOD i finally have a laptop to use in bed (my hands are out though :)) ...
today i also finally feel good for some unknown reason despite life being so shitty to me. I just decided (or maybe haven't really) to just go with the essential flow ... that is focus on the things that matter and the essentials .. and it's going quite well i guess... as one of my favorite people always says: "Good things happen to those who wait" and i'm just hangin in there.
I was listening to the only functioning CD left in my car when this song came up ... and it really cheered me up so eventually it's the song i'm recommending for the day

Song of the day: Everybody wants you ~ Josh Kelley

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