Friday, October 19, 2007

Back from My Head

Sometimes you don't realize the value of something you had until you lose it ... for me, i didn't realize how much i needed something until i finally got it ... A WEEK-LONG DIVING VACATION OUTSIDE CAIRO!!!!!
Technically it wasn't that much of a vacation as i was working all the time, but still i enjoyed it BIGTIME!!! 17 open water students, 7 intros ... yeehaaaa!!!! there's nothing like the sea to cure me, stepping in the water at 8am and out of it at 6 ...
i can't believe how tanned my face is, and can't believe i reached 15 metres free diving (just mask and fins) ...
the sea life was great, sting rays are amazing, napoleons .... everything ... and i didn't need to exceed 20 metres.
mel a7'er i'm glad and i'm happy and i wanna do it again ...

song of the day: System of a Down ~ Chop Suey

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