Saturday, June 9, 2007

So my bioclock is totally fucked thanks to my having to wake up all night studying before the testing exam. i'm awake by night and sleeping by late afternoon. i'm trying to study that microprocessor thing we're being examined in by sunday but somehow it just feels so much like studying history. Nothing except dates and new stuff included in the freaking things ... why the fuck am i supposed to study the history ... may2ololna koll 7aaga lazet-ha eih w 7'alaas w nel3ab e7na ba2a ... i spent two hours reading about this one processor just to know at the end that its design proved to be useless and had to be replaced ... ARE THEY FUCKING KIDDING ME???!!!!
rabbena yostor begadd...
the wonder period is still in session, but now i'm wondering about all people i know/knew/am acquainted with. pretty insane and useless maybe. i spent hours reviewing my contacts on msn, my God why do i have that long list of people i don't even talk to most of the time?? and the weird thing is, i still didn't get myself to unblock or delete most of them. (i forgot to tell you, most of my list but a few has been blocked for a while)... mesh tanaaka bass seriously i needed to just ... stay in a smaller circle for a while.
I'm still wondering when the hell i'm gonna be more organized in my thoughts, when will i feel that a post of mine on this blog ever makes sense (no wonder i'm not getting any comments) ...
anywayz me back to MP
blurb is out

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