Wednesday, June 20, 2007

could it be?

could it be that i'm just needing this and you are the shortest pathway leading to it so that's why i'm holding on? could it be that i'm just subconsciously following my desires? Could that be why i'm being forceful? am i forceful? could it be that it would never be fulfilled with you? could i do it without you? could it be that i've become an addict to a certain sensation? could it be that i'm addicted to you? could it be that you're not the one? could it be anyone? could i just be free from all this? could i live without thinking about this once at least every hour? could we be just friends? could we live happily ever after? could we do that together? could it be useless?

1 comment:

Ran said...

i guess it could be (EVERY SINGLE THING U WROTE) the question is will it ever happen ??!
only god can know!!