Sunday, August 22, 2010

3ayez a3eesh fkawkab tany!

quoting one of my friends' Facebook status:

We live in a Country Where Pizza reaches home faster than an Ambulance. Where U get a Car Loan @ 8% but an Education Loan @ 12%. Where Rice costs 40LE, but Sim cards cost nothing, Footwears that we wear, are sold in AC showrooms but vegetables that we eat are sold on the pavement..Where we make Lemon Juice with artificialflavours and dish washing fluids with pure lemon!!

I'm sorry my dear Egypt, but currently those within you who are at the top, are pretentious opportunists who are just leaving you to die not caring about anything but squeezing the last penny from your pockets to theirs. And those at the bottom can see it all, understand it all, but are too lazy to care and do nothing but bitch!

and quoting another good friend of mine: "في هذه البلد ... كلنا فاسدون"


Ma 3lina said...

love ur friend 1st quote... soo true

ms:pinky said...

its reallly toching ,, but in the end every thing going to be ok ,, GOd plass all the fighter for their own rits

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Smith Daisy said...

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H said...

Your friend are so true, my favorite part was 'Where we make Lemon Juice with artificialflavours and dish washing fluids with pure lemon!!'

It will be a mess if the gap between the rich and the poor are to far, worse is that those rich rich people doesn't even own their money in legit way but using the country money and use all the loophole to cover all their bad things.