Thursday, May 28, 2009

i was having the perfect day yesterday ... going around town ... taking pictures ... and discovering new places and sneaking into others!! :D

then when it was all over, on my way back, ka3boora breaks down again!

i was pissed, went to herafeyyeen, got it fixed and fixed other things i've been meaning to fix for some time bel marra... and went back home really late at night feeling good ... after all it was a very productive and full day which doesn't happen much with me these days ...

then at the corner to my house ... ka3boora breaks down again!

yel3an keda!


Brownie said...

she should be let to rest in peace and u should stop trying to save her life :D

haijekov said...

i'll pretend i never read that!

BaTaBeeT said...

awwwww I bet u do love her!!!

bas e7med rabena... u dont have to cope with my "Elmar7ooma"... walahy ba7es enaha bete3ml 7awades bemazag'ha :D
its been with me for 2 yrs, brand new back then, 9 months of which in the tawkeel betetsalla7

My sincere prayings for Ka3boora