Sunday, November 2, 2008


So ka3boora and i have covered extreme mileage over the past 24 hours :D
Heliopolis - shorook - 6 october city - alexandria road toll station - dream land - 6 october city - downtown - shorook - heliopolis - dream land - 6 october city - dream land - heliopolis ...

AAAAAAAAAND that included some offroading!!! i was coming back from magaahel el ma waraa2 al kobry when i though me7war would be hell ... and so would midan el remaaya ... and i heard from some special person that there's this little unpaved road between Fayoum road and the beginning of the ring road from the other side ... so i thought i'd give it a shot!!!!

Was scary as hell!!!! but, i don't think i had so much fun and so much adrenaline in me for a LOOOONG time :D damn that was fun!!!!!!

ka3boora ... i love you more and more
baba ... thanks for teaching me some techniques that saved me day despite you not noticing it
A ... i just hope all is worth it :)

Feeling: Like a person in Love
Listening to: nothing at all :D


Evaluna said...

it's always sweet to know of someone so much in love with their car as much as I am in love with mine!
She makes you feel alive right? I wish her health!

haijekov said...

I wish her and yours health too :)