Tuesday, November 11, 2008

College Update

well ... it's clear that college wants to leave its mark on me even though i'm hopefully leaving it soon! i've been asking about my results over and over the past period since the beginning of the month and each time they tell me to come see the next day ... i got tired and thought i'd just sit back and go when i hear it came out. i sent this message on the student forum asking if anyone heard anything and got this reply:

سالت اول امبارح السبت فى شئون الطلبة قالولى لسه ، قلتلهم امتى يعنى قالولى ميعرفوش
روحت لوكيل الكلية ، هو اللى ماسك الكنترول قالى لسه
فى واحد عند الوكيل قالى ان شاء الله هتطلع الشهر ده فى حدود اسبوعين او 10 ايام عشان الوكيل هيطلع حج فلازم يطلع النتيجة قبل ما يسافر

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