Sunday, April 22, 2007

WOW it really has been 20 days?

yesterday i discovered that it's been 20 days since i last wrote anything here. I had lots of things i wanted to talk about here but never actually found the time. Yeah i hate the way it sounds too? am i really becoming that busy person all the time? And if so then how come mesh laye2 3alayya 7'aales?!
the past 20 days have been quite ... uhhh ... something :D
i finally finished midterms, my God i hate college, and wanna get out of it ba2a!!! specially that all my friends are graduating this year :( ... mal3oon abo kahraba elly a7'art 3eshty sana 3ashanha and then decided to do something else with my life!! isn't it ironic?
you waste a year of your life just for something that turns out bad and you eventually find something you like better to do and it's totally irrelevant to college?? ma 3aleena ...
Enough with the crap ... let's write something good for a change ... ka3boora galha cassette :D ... walla addeema dy kaman?
anywayz last night, i was driving my lovely ka3boora at 3 in the morning in El-Azhar area, roof down, and with Aida El-Ayoubi on high volume at cruising speed, not fast, not slow. i felt like time froze. it's like everything was perfect for some time ... 'wel donyaaaaaaa 7alawet-haaa .... kelma 7eeelwa tetamennneeeee' along with the atmosphere there it was amazing.
i was going for a photo shoot today but i needed someone to pose and she canceled at last second :@ add eih mesh tay2ik ya noora 7aaleyan. and i took that as an aliby and took my only day off since eternity and am spending it at home!
I'm planning to go stargazing somehow tonight, i wanna catch that shooting star storm they're talking about, i just hope it ends up real, and i hope i come up with an idea for the place to go to because everywhere close is light polluted.
i think that's all i can remember for my news feed today, will try write more frequently :)

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