Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday?

As my present to you on this wonderful birthday, I am gonna make you hate everything you are, and put your dreams at imminent risk. I'm gonna make you hate everything that's dear to you and regret every choice you made.
On your birthday i'm gonna teach you not to care and not to appreciate, and be the person you always dreamed of ... what's one more birthday to your 5 continuous streak?
WAIT!! is it really 5 or more??! for some reason i don't remember ... but then again maybe that's a good thing for a change ...
have a wonderful birthday darling ... enjoy it like all the rest ....


Mohammed J. said...

easy dude

be glad you're not 24 and nothing is going right in your life :)

haijekov said...

2al 3ala ra2y el 7agg travis ... "the grass is always greener on the other side" w 3ala ra2y el 7agg dave mustane f trust "nothing's what it seams"

BaTaBeeT said...

Loved that :D
reminds me of a the post i wrote abt a friend on his birthday
... wish I can send it to him

and u were much kinder :D

Ma 3lina said...

Loool, I could use this post 2morrow ;)

Happy Birthdy KOV at least ur not turning quarter of century !!!