Monday, May 21, 2007

Code of Ethics (Cont'd)

Well, i got a very interesting feedback on my last post regarding religious teachings at schools. Saying, that teaching those things in school sheds a light on the difference between people and is always a trigger to discrimination and racism and all that.
Actually it's true ... but ONLY to a certain extent and for certain reasons. None of which are actually related to the curriculum in the schools or those curricula being taught there in the first place. It's the same cause of the problem stated in the last entry which is the awareness of the people themselves and the carelessness by which they treat that issue (the religion curriculum they get taught at school). This idea was even more stressed upon in my head last week due to the response of one of my friends when i told him the whole story. His reply was short and straight to the point, and certainly a perfect example on what i meant in the first place. it was: "Did we ever even look at what was in the book? I never did myself!" ... and that friend is a college senior right now!
The reason for the attitudes, so-called religious, that everyone complains about is not because of what they learn in school, and it's not because of the religion itself, no matter which religion it is.
I mean name me one religion that doesn't ask you to make peace, that doesn't ask you to co-exist and treat other people of different faith nicely. You will find none ... or to be honest because i haven't been acquainted with all religions, you wouldn't find that in either Islam, (my religion), or Christianity (the other most widespread religion in my country).
What I've seen in their textbooks (both of them) that are taught in school is actually the best
things a child can learn. Yes, you might find in Islam that it says that Islam is God's valid religion and that other followers of other religions are ignorant, but it also says that we should not disrespect their beliefs and not treat them nicely and equally anyhow. Because thinking about it, they must think of me as ignorant too for the same reasons.
And that's the problem when it comes to religion, addressing a religion, or looking at a religion in general, people tend to take a look at part of it and not all, take what they want that could be interpreted negatively and ignore the other part that completes its meaning and totally abolishes that negative interpretation, whether that comes from tutors, family members, researchers, or scholars who're deeply studying into the religion to be preachers later.
Take a look at the big picture so you can see it all, not just what you want it to see. And the fact that people are zooming in too much to the extent that they can't see everything and then act upon that limited vision they have makes those people at fault. At fault for the deeds they do but not only that, at fault religiously for not studying it to its end like they should.
Another metaphor I'd like to give on this matter is like you're listening to someone's speech, and that someone is your president for example and he's talking about some criminal (ALL HYPOTHETICAL) saying: "This person is a vicious criminal that did this, this and that, he's a danger to our women and children" then he adds " but looking at the way he's been brought up, he wasn't treated ever in a way that would make him think or act otherwise, he was never shown the correct guidance, so how about we show him that? and guide him to the right path before we sentence him to death and then see how he'll act. If he turns out to be a good human, then he deserves another chance!"
If you're listening to such a speech and get fired up and leave in the middle of it, there's a high chance you're gonna go execute the guy yourself and blame it on the preacher. you just didn't listen all the way to the end did you :)? and definitely you'll find people who listened to the end think of you as a bad person and hate you for making that preacher sound like a bad guy when he isn't ... it's just that YOU are too fired up and don't listen.
by the way the you is not necessarily YOU ... it's all hypothetical :)

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